*All Star Face Product*- Gly/Sal 2% Foaming Cleanser Review


Photo credit: Rosalie James

It is no secret to those who know me that I am a little obsessive when it comes to my skin care. I have always struggled with my combination (more oily) acne prone skin and because of this, I have a tendency to try many products to balance it.

The Skin Dimensions Gly/Sal 2% Foaming Cleanser takes the cake for being the best cleanser I have ever used. Every time I venture away from it and try something else, I always come running back to this one.

This foaming cleanser is a gel like consistency and a clear orange color. It will lather on your face, but not excessively and it does a wonderful job of removing makeup and excess oil.

I know the common notion is to not spend too much money on cleansers because you wash them off anyway, but in my experience, spending a little money on a cleanser can significantly improve you skin’s texture, tendency to break out, and decrease excess oil production. This cleanser is $22.95 and worth every penny.

Since I have combo skin, this cleanser isn’t too drying for my skin type, but I do know it can be too harsh for dry skin. The good news is that Skin Dimensions has a variety of products for all sorts of skinĀ types, so you can find skin care that suits you best!

Skin Dimensions is a cosmetics, but primarily a skin care and spa company. They also offer dermatologist services, something I took full advantage of when I was younger and struggled with my skin even more than I do now. Side Note: I know going to a dermatologist can be such a scary thought, but the doctors working at this company are nice and make you feel very comfortable. They are a good choice if you are thinking about getting prescribed products by professionals.

So if you have skin like mine, I would give the five-star Gly/Sal 2% Foaming Cleanser a go, but if you don’t then I would still check out the Skin Dimensions website and just take a peek at what they have to offer anybody and everybody! As always, if there are any products you are interested in me reviewing, just leave a comment below.

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