*All Star Body Product* Johnson’s Baby Oil/Body Wash

I have always struggled with my skin and not just on my face, but on my body as well. I have had a difficult time finding products that are actually gentle enough. A clear sign that a body product will not work for me is that my skin will get red and bumpy, especially after shaving.

While looking down the normal body wash isle at my local grocery store, I realized that none of these brands (Dove, Olay) have done what they’ve promised, which is nourish my sensitive skin. There where brands such as Neutrogena¬†that offered something that claimed to do so, but at twice the regular price and I would prefer to stick around the $3-4 dollar range.

I had never thought to look into the baby section of the body care area before, but that day I just finally saw it and a light bulb came on (always nice moments). I strolled on over and picked up this Johnson’s Baby Oil/Body Wash. The smell is slight, but a bit like coconut. They also have it in the original scent.

Photo Credit: Rosalie James

Photo Credit: Rosalie James

This body oil/wash is great to shave with, it does not break my skin out in red bumps, and it leaves it feeling soft and nourished. I highly recommend trying it if you have tried everything else and nothing has been gentle enough for you.

Who says adults can’t use what may have been designed for babies? I will never go back!

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