Let’s Talk, Senior to Freshman

Happy Monday everyone! With my graduation from the University just months away, I thought I would do a blog post on some things I have learned the last four years. So without further ado, these are ten little bits of knowledge senior to (I assume) freshman.


Photo Credit: AstridPhotography via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: AstridPhotography via Compfight cc

 1. First, remember that you are in charge of your own education, not the teachers. Their job is to help you learn, but you have to be a willing student. A classroom is like a community and you are one of its most important contributors.
2. Don’t spend ALL your meal plan card on (put vice here). Mine was Starbucks. You’ll wish you hadn’t when at the end of the semester you’re broke and hungry.
3. Double check everything your adviser tells you. Don’t assume they know everything. They make mistakes too.
4. Try your hardest to get along with your roommate. You may be different, but part of the point of college is meeting people who are different from you.
5. You will get a lot of constructive criticism from teachers. Don’t take it personal and just try to learn from it. I know that is harder than it sounds, but it will benefit you in the long run.
6. If you’re going to join a sorority or fraternity, make sure you pick the one that aligns with your budget, morals, values, and time constraints. Greek life is expensive, so before jumping in make sure you have the means to pay for it.
7. Don’t do homework in a questionable state of mind (too much wine/beer/ect.). It will not turn out well.
8. Try to read the assigned material as much as possible. It is difficult to write a paper about a book you’ve only read half of.
9. Try your hardest to join groups on campus. You meet so many new and interesting people that way. It is worth it.
10. Remember why you’re there. In four years (give or take) you want to leave with a degree. Make sure the decisions you make and the money you spend on college get you to your goal.
Thanks for reading,

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