Wedding – The Planning Balance

My Wedding Color: Purple

Photo Credit: AnyMotion via Compfight cc

Since I am elbow deep in wedding planning ( 68 days till the big day and counting ), I thought I would share with you some things I have learned about myself, about the wedding planning process and some planning tips. Let’s get started:


1. More than anything else, as the bride you have do what you love and what makes you happy. This can be hard when people pull you in all sorts of directions, but ultimately it is your wedding, your one and only, and it needs to be your definition of perfect.


2. Do your best to plan ahead of time. If you have a year, do not wait till five months before the wedding. I have learned this the hard way. It will help you stay sane.


3. Do not turn down help when you need help and at a certain point, you will need it. Make sure you tell these people how thankful you are that they are willing to put time and effort into your big day. Let them be your support network, but also be there for them when they have questions on how to do things for your wedding and always, always, always remember to not criticize these people’s handwork. They are doing it all for you and they wouldn’t have to…remember that.


4. Stick to budget. (Alas, make a clear budget at the beginning.) A wedding can be beautiful no matter how much money is spent on it, but realize that things may be more expensive than you think and everything, even the little things like chairs, cost money…..everything….


5. Try to remember that what is really important about a wedding is the people there, not the cake, table numbers, flowers, food, ect. Of course you want all these things to be beautiful and perfect, but at the end of the day everyone comes out to your wedding because they love you and you love them. It is a time to enjoy having everyone together. Remembering this should help keep all those “things” us brides worry about in perspective.


6. Planning a wedding can cause tension between people, especially if everyone wants to help, everyone wants to contribute, but some can more than others. Do your best to diffuse the tension, but also recognize that arguments between who has better ideas or who is helping most are not productive. Just try to be sensitive when dealing with this, because once again, the people are what truly matter.


As a side note, here are a few links that have helped me in the planning process:

Invitations/Save the Dates/Thank You Cards : Etsy has unique, stylish, and handmade cards based off any style and any budget. It is a great resource!

Wedding Dress/Bridesmaid Dresses/Mother of the bride and groom : David’s Bridal has beautiful dresses in all price ranges!

Men’s Tux or Suits: Men’s Wearhouse is affiliated with David’s Bridal so not only do you get discounts for using both stores, but it is easier to keep everyone’s attire in order.

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