Engagement Shoot Fun

Two weekends ago, my fiancé and I were able to get our engagement photos done by Dragonfly Photography. It was a beautifully sunny day with just a little snow still on the ground.

Dragonfly Photography

Dragonfly Photography

We spent two hours taking pictures and making faces at each other. It was such an amazing experience. It was a time where we could just really focus on each other and our love, of course with a few laughs and dancing moves along the way.

We wanted to have most of our pictures outside because we like the natural lighting, but since I love reading, we decided to have a few pictures in a library as well. I am a bit biased, but I think they turned out beautiful.

Mike and I get married the end of May and we are so very excited to start this new chapter in our lives. Our engagement shoot felt like a reflection of that same love and excitement.

Dragonfly Photography

Dragonfly Photography

Dragonfly Photography

Dragonfly Photography

If you are planning your wedding and are on the fence about engagement photos, I would highly recommend getting them done. At the beginning of our planning process, I didn’t think I wanted them because it is just another cost, but usually wedding photographers include engagement photos in their overall price, so you might as well get them done and enjoy the day with the person you love!

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